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Aussiedoodle Puppies Are Here!!!

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 Hi my name is Pam and my husband is Dusty. We breed Aussiedoodles and Goldendoodles in our home, where they are all family members. We live on a 14 acre farm in Benton, Kentucky and we both have an enormous love of animals. We have 7 acres fenced around our house. The furkids can run and exercise freely while outside to play. We have also added on a new grooming/birthing room to our house and it is so much easier for me to groom and raise puppies! I actually have room to put a twin size mattress in the floor to keep an eye on my girls when they get close to birthing =) We have surveillance cameras in our puppy/grooming room so we can see and hear the puppies from the livingroom =) We now have not one doggy door but two that the new puppies can learn to go outside(when old enough) to play and potty =) Their little feet never touch the ground until they are older because we have rubber flooring with drainage underneath in our outside play yard. It makes is so much nicer to clean and easier to disinfect. We raise Aussiedoodles from our AKC Standard Parti Poodles & our AKC Standard Australian Shepherds  and our own foundation line of Aussiedoodles,they are all family members. We also raise F1 Standard Parti Gene Goldendoodles from our AKC Standard Parti Poodles & our AKC Retriever female. We do not raise mini's. Our puppies will range in size from 50 to 70 pounds. We are NOT a puppy mill and we do not bait and switch! Bait and switch is when one person raises the puppies in very unkept kennels or cages till old enough to be sold, then the second person sells them out of their home(that is nice and clean and doesn't look like they raise puppies,because they don't!) In my recent search for a Golden Retriever puppy I ran into this and was totally appauled at the living conditions the poor parents where in! I LOVE MY BABIES ADULT AND PUPPIES! And I take extreme measures to keep them healthy and happy! My family thinks I'm crazy (and I am crazy about my furkids)lol.

They are all our furkids and they live inside the home with us and are members of our family. We sell to inside homes only, they are not to be left outside. Both of these breeds are very intelligent and need to be with their family to thrive. The more they are with you the smarter they become =)  I worked for a vet for years and have loved my furkids my whole life.Now that I am not working outside of the home I am able to give all of my attention to my furkids and so have gone back to raising puppies. I love how they capture the hearts of their new families and love getting updates with pictures as they grow! Some of our babies are Registered Service & Therapy dogs and are doing wonderful helping the people they love as well as those that they go to visit in hospitals,schools,etc...We are truely blessed to have found such wonderful loving homes for each and every one of them and made life-long friends with our extended doodlesgalore families!

My babies are low to no shed and I am always here to answer any questions you may have after you take your baby home. I will not sell a puppy to you and then forget about that puppy.I will always be here for any help I can give you reguarding your baby. Our babies come with a 2 year guarantee against genetic defects. Please check under "available puppies" tab for current litters.

Please feel free to check out all of the tabs with pictures of our babies as infants and adults and also check out our other furkids as well.We have horses and cats as well as our non breeding babies,like our Rotties and our Saint Bernard ( like I said we love our furkids).

Have fun checking out the site and feel free to email me at pam@doodlesgalore.com  with any questions you may have or you may also call or text me at  1-270-703-6421.

Have a wonderful day!  



One of our previous pups with her new best friend Katie-John. Jemma is her certified Service Dog. We are so proud of them both!
Aussiedoodles make great snuggle buddies =)