Welcome to Doodlesgalore =)

Hi and welcome to our Doodle Life =)

My name is Pam and my husband is Dusty and we live on a small 14 acre farm in Western Kentucky where we share our home with lots of furkids. I cannot bring myself to call them "dogs" because it just does not do them justice. They are all a part of our family and they share our home , so they are "furkids" to us. 

We raise one or two litters a year of Goldendoodles and Aussiedoodle puppies. We  raise the Standard size doodles(not the minis) and full grown the pups will average between 50 and 70 pounds with the occasional smaller or larger pup =)

Other than their unique color we strive to raise the most loving loyal babies that are exposed to different noises and sounds around the house and they are low to no shed!

Some of our puppies have gone on to be therapy dogs for either special needs children or helping the elderly. We are proud of each and every one of our babies and their new families! 

Here at the farm they are treated as if they are here to stay and the longer they are with me the more they learn,like sit,stay,come, etc...

They enjoy riding on our Ranger sidebyside,our Pontoon,taking car rides and going to the fleamarket or Home Depo,etc... 

I 've loved animals all of my life and  I am married to a man that also loves animals.There is never a shortage of love to go around at our house =) 

I worked for a vet clinic for six years and I learned so much from them.Years ago I raised puppies and loved doing it,but going to work full time and raising puppies was just too hard and not fair to the puppies! Now I am a stay at home furmom and have the time it takes to raise puppies. I 've had furkids my whole life and to be able to share that love and joy with others is a real blessing .

Our puppies are sold as house pets only,not to be kept outside !  

They are such a smart loving loyal breed and need to be with their family inside the home.The more time they spend with you the smarter they become.I have a pup from my first litter that at 17 weeks old (Aussiedoodle puppy)  knew what it meant when I spell out the word bed,lol.They are low to no shed and their coats are as soft as silk.You will not find it hard  to cuddle them as they demand it,they are so cute and so soft and silky! 

Please feel free to browse our menu on the left to see pics of our   furkids,including our horses ,kitties,and other furbabies in our pack =)

I just want to welcome you again and stay tuned and check back often for more updates and pics of the crew.  

Pam & Dusty 



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