Our Girls

My four Aussie girls waiting for a treat =)

Every Aussie I have, has had to help wash the dishes when they were puppies. Must be an Aussie thing!!!

Our sweet and beautiful Café Au Lait Merle F1 Aussiedoodle female Cedar.

Our F1 Aussiedoodle Sable Merle female Wrangler. She is an awesome mom and raised 13 puppies her first litter, that's huge for a first time mom! Such a loving personality!

Wrangler in long coat

L to R Cheyenne(6mos), Echo , Wrangler Some of our gorgeous girls from our foundation dogs.

Cheyenne prancing around on our front porch.

Cheyenne in long coat. She is showing off that winning smile ;)

Olive is our youngest Aussiedoodle female and is just getting into her second year so will be breeding her this year (2021) to Stetson.

Olive in her summer clip to show off her brilliant blue merle coloring. Excuse the photo bombers in the background, lol.

Raven, our black f1 Goldendoodle female

Raven, chilling on the coolaroo in front of the fan. No my babies are not spoiled,lol

Listed below are our breeding girls.

Wrangler.... is our F1 Aussiedoodle and is our pick of litter girl from our foundation dogs (Tux and Willow) and she is a beautiful Sable Merle. She is a bigger girl and is proving to be a wonderful addition to our breeding program. We will be breeding her to our gorgeous boy Deuce an AKC Silver and White Standard Parti Poodle.

Cedar.... is our F1 Aussiedoodle from a previous breeding of our foundation dogs (Tux and Camo). She is a Café Au Lait Merle and is such a love bug! 

Olive..... is our beautiful Blue Merle F1 Aussiedoodle female out of Tux and Dallas. She is full of life and loves to play and snuggle =) She has a natural bobtail and may have a pup or two in her litters that are born natural bobtail.

Cheyenne...is one of our beautiful Blue Merles from our foundation pair of Camo and Tux . Cheyenne is a snuggler and just a happy soul that loves everybody. 
She is a little smaller than the rest of my girls and such a sweetheart!

Raven is a Rosie daughter and is a black f1 Goldendoodle, she loves to run and play with her football. She is a sweet quiet girl in the house =)