"Tux" our AKC Standard Parti Poodle Male

Tux standing on picnic table to get a better view.Here he is sporting Uggs,lol. His Uggs are real attention getters when we take him in public =)

My beautiful baby boys Tux and Deuce! They are both AKC registered Standard Parti Poodles.

Dusty explaining to Tux that he cannot have his ice.....

Tux telling Dusty, "but I REALLY REALLY need some ice!!!!" LOL

Tux is our only furkid that looks out the window like a human.Actually had a guy come up and talk to Tux thinking it was me at the door,because the sunlight was reflecting off the glass,lol.He said he thought Tux' ears were my hair,lol.

Tux and Camo just hanging around,looking pretty =)

Tux and Camo playing around

tux chill'n in "my" chair

Tux playing with his 7 week old babies =) He is such a good Daddy!

Dusty and Tux sharing a potatoe chip

Tux sharing a tender moment with one of his little girls.

Tux and Nugget sharing a special moment,lol

This is our AKC Standard Parti Poodle Tuxedo(we just call him Tux).
Tux stands 25 1/2" at the shoulder and weighs 65 lbs.
I bought him all kinds of dog puzzles to keep his mind active when he was little and he had them figured out in a matter of seconds. He is so smart and such a character and keeps us entertained =)
Learn more about his antics under the heading "Personalities".