The furkids dressed up for Halloween

Camo my first little Diva!

Nugget,my second little Diva! These girls know they are beautiful and love to show their stuff,lol.

Willow was not too impressed by it all but she endulged me,lol.

Tux thought himself rather dashing in cowboy attire and did not mind it at all,lol.

Shooter our Aussiedoodle from Tux/Camo's first litter is game for anything bless his heart!

I think Deuce was pretty indignant about it all but was a good sport and let Momma have her fun!

This is Penny (loved by Kelli) sporting her Chicago Bears Cheerleading uniform! How adorable is this!!!

Maggie aka Minnie Mouse(loved by Pamela) So adorable!!

Cooper (Goldendoodle) loved by Megan and Family

Cooper (Aussiedoodle) Loved by Deena

Little Miss Olive loved by Danna dressed in her Jack-0-Lantern outfit. Adorable!!

Jax and Niko, what cute little "devils"! They are brothers from the same litter and they are loved and spoiled by Tracy,Kirk, Mike and Zen their Great Dane brother from another mother :)

The furkids showing what good sports they are!
I had so many giggles and laughs doing this photo shoot for Halloween! They love me so much that they humor me every once in a while! You can tell by their expressions which ones really loved it and which ones just endulged me,lol. 
If any of you that have purchased puppies from me in the past have a picture of your baby dressed in costume please email it to me or text it to me and I will add them here. No deadline for this so send in those pics so we can all enjoy them!
Enjoy the pics!